Install Custom themes on Windows 8, 8.1

unlike windows 7, windows 8 and 8.1  need some basic adjustments that need to be made before installation of third party themes, more so those that are oriented on explorer interface. here is a step by step procedure on installing these themes. if you find these helpful kindly share the article.

  1. Download windows 8.1 tool

The windows 8.1 tool contains the necessary filkes that are needed to get the job done. download

2. unzip/rar and install elements

use winrar, 7zip or any other software to extract the file to a folder.  Procede to the location of the extracted folder. open and procede to the UxStyle folder. Open the Folder and install The UxStyle_sep23_x86_x64.exe  by double clicking.


wait for the installation to complete.

ux install

After installation is complete. .

3. download and extract your theme.

download the appropriate third party themes for your OS. be cautious where you get the themes.  for this tutorial i will use the hardwired theme


open the extracted folder and proceed to the themes folder. choose the theme u want to use . some themes come with a variety of interfaces, choose the one you like :).

proceed and copy the theme as well as the folder containing its elements.


now open the following location.  C:\Windows\Resources\Themes .  Paste the theme to this location. And with that done you are all set.


4. apply the theme.

go to the personalize panel by right clicking on an empty space on the desktop  > personalize. select your theme and apply.


the process should be done. if the theme does not pick up from this instance try restarting the system and re apply the theme. and that should work.


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in case of any questions or issues you might want addressed concerning the themes and customization, leave in the comments section below and will inform you soonest possible.


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